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Eyebrows Are Expressive

Your eyebrows reveal so much more about your personality than you probably realize. They are one of the most prominent features of your face, possessing incredible social significance. Any time you find yourself feeling happy, sad, angry, or just plain bored your eyebrows project that to all of the other beautiful faces looking your way. They are used to communicate, reshape, and balance all of the human oddities that make up your unique identity. Call our Phoenix eyebrow shaping experts today at 602-404-0664 to learn how to take full advantage of your bold brows!

More Than Just Function

If you think of your brows as the little filters that protect your eyes from dust and nothing more then you are sorely under-utilizing them. Your bushy beauties have a lot more to offer than just practicality. In fact, they may be the single most important feature in defining your bone structure and facial recognition.

Have you ever taken a close look at how the smallest change in your eyebrows can affect your face? They can add length to your eyes, sharpness to your bones, youth to your skin; the list goes on. Lately, lush arches have been the national craze but when it comes to shaping there is no one style to settle on. Rather, you need to find the form that fits you.

Professional Phoenix Eyebrow Shaping

Of course nobody has perfectly trimmed eyebrows naturally, so the search for an aesthetician that can capture your beauty perfectly begins now. Love Polish is a full service spa with a special knack for brow beauty. We would like to think that, as an industry, we’ve moved past the days of over tweezing and amateur hour sharpie brows. Our skilled and experienced Phoenix eyebrow shaping aestheticians take the time to study the structure of your face before sculpting the perfect arch to complement your look. Call Love Polish today at 602-404-0664!


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