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We’ve all been there before. You leave the salon after a fresh manicure, then dig through your handbag for your phone only to realize you just made a chip in your nail. This can put a damper on anyone’s day and it’s one of the reasons Phoenix gel nails have become so popular. Their long lasting quality, ease of use, and fast results make for one of the best manicures a design freak could hope for.

Quality That Lasts More Than A Few Days

Most spa-goers choose Phoenix gel nails over classic polish for their longevity. Standard manicures only last a few days before the polish begins to wear off, whereas gel nails last three to four weeks; far longer than other methods. However, when the gel begins to lift you may be tempted to peel it off. This is a bad idea and can damage layers of the nail. Just let the peeling process take its course.

The Only Nails You Don’t Have to Wait For

Another benefit of Phoenix gel nails is their fast drying process. They use special UV or LED lights to cure your freshly lacquered nails in under a minute. This definitely beats the old fashioned way! Just keep in mind that several studies have shown that UV light can harm your skin and speed up certain aging processes. Therefore, we recommend minimizing the curing process. Perhaps even consider bringing finger-less gloves to protect your skin from the UV light. LED light on the other hand is perfectly safe and can even be faster.

Phoenix Gel Nails Are Easy to Work With

Finally, Phoenix gel nails are a designers dream come true. They are incredibly easy to work with so you can create designs that simply aren’t possible with normal polish. Feel free to experiment with fabulous patterns and then enjoy them for weeks to come!

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