What Are SNS Nails?

Looking for a manicure that won’t wear off in a week? What a bout a total nail overhaul that will leave them healthier than before? SNS’s dip powder provides the satisfaction of a luxury manicure in an easy to apply fashion. If you haven’t tried out Phoenix SNS nails already here are three reasons you should!

Beauty That Lasts More Than a Week

To begin, the reason most of us switch to a different nail solution is because of the chipping and fading that starts just a few days after we put all of that hard work in! Even switching to gel nails only grants you an extra week or so of full polish. But SNS nails has both of them beat. At nearly four weeks per application SNS has created the single most important development of my salon life. It’s like a personal body guard for your nails!

Now Doing Your Nails is Healthy

One of the primary concerns of NEW and IMPROVED nail systems is their long term affect on your nails. A lot of manufacturers use toxic chemicals to create a more durable finish. However, SNS achieves incredible endurance without sacrificing the health of your nails! The dip powder solution is completely free of harmful toxins like toluene for example, and contains vitamins A, E, D3, B5 and Calcium. Not only does this create a longer lasting coat, but it strengthens your natural nails under the powder coating. What’s more, SNS doesn’t need to be dried using a UV light so your skin is never in any danger.

Professional Results With Beginner Experience

So SNS is durable, free of toxins, and rich in nail enhancing vitamins. What else is there? How about easy application and fantastic looks! SNS nails provide professional quality results in a beginner friendly manner. And they’ve decided to go a step further by releasing online how to videos for self manicures. Don’t worry, our Phoenix aestheticians have already watched the tutorial videos if you didn’t have the time to!

If you’re looking for a real change in your salon-going experience then you have to try a Phoenix SNS nails manicure. You can schedule yours today by calling Love Polish at 602-404-0664!


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