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Here at Love Polish we specialize in delivering exquisite manicures, pedicures, and nail enhancement. However, our talents extend beyond just beautifying your nails. One of our most popular services is our clean and professional waxing. It is the perfect alternative to shaving for those looking for long term results. Here are three ways we set our Phoenix waxing services apart from the competition.

Our Top Priority

The number one concern among many spa goers is health and safety. Therefore, we are immensely proud of our hard working staff and pristine treatment rooms. From the moment you step into our spa you can expect professional service and spotless facilities. Our employees are trained to handle every situation with the utmost care and discretion. In addition, we clean our treatment rooms frequently so you can enjoy a fresh and sanitary environment every visit. Our Phoenix waxing procedures are the safest and cleanest in the valley.

Comfort and Pleasure

Our goal as your trusted team of estheticians is to deliver premium Phoenix waxing services in a comfortable and pleasurable spa environment. We haven’t forgotten that this is your getaway! Our hair removal experts prioritize your enjoyment and safety above all else. They even have special waxing methods for handling conditions or blemishes such as ingrown hairs. From brows to legs, we cover everything a girl needs with professional integrity and delicacy.

Accessibility and Newcomers

For many newcomers skin irritation or discomfort are a common but unfortunate side effect. Thus, we recommend exfoliating for several days before your visit because it helps prevent pain and damage. However, it’s still rare that first timers won’t experience some level of tenderness. So we’ve decided to provide our specialty aftercare products to make waxing a more enjoyable experience. We work hard to make our Phoenix waxing service an enjoyable experience for all newcomers.

Our priority at Love Polish is to provide a safe, healthy, and relaxing getaway for all of our guests. We are more than just a nail salon. We are the #1 luxury spa for Phoenix waxing and pampering!



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